Before you begin your search for the perfect event sponsor, you have to clearly define your event goals and know your event strategy inside out. That way, you can search for an event sponsorship partner that aligns with the purpose and vision of your event. Event sponsors will likely ask you about the purpose of your event, the demographics and psychographics of your attendees, and how their brand fits into your event. And vice versa – event planners should prepare questions for sponsors too and assess whether they fit their ideal sponsor persona.

Think about your attendees. Who are they and which brands would they like to see as your event sponsors? Choose brands that share their core values with your audience. Research shows that 70% of consumers prefer buying from companies with similar principles as theirs.

Who has sponsored events similar to yours? Do some market research. Find events in your industry and see who their event sponsorship partners are. Those brands who’ve sponsored similar events before are far more likely to sponsor an event again.

Use sponsorship platforms, such as SponseasySponsorMyEvent, or SponsorPitch.

It might be tempting to play the number’s game and reach out to as many companies as possible, but it’s far more likely that you’ll find the right event sponsor and long-term event success if you approach brands that truly make sense for your event. It might take more time, but it will pay off.

Remember: event sponsorship is a partnership for both parties. Events and conferences are a powerful way for brands to get exposure and establish themselves as major players in their industry. So, define your event goals well and build an event strategy that includes event sponsorship opportunities in seamless, holistic ways.


Source: Endless Events