In looking back at the past two years in weddings, 2020 was a year of postponements, while 2021 saw a wedding boom, with many events consolidated into the second half of the year. But what will 2022 bring? According to The Knot 2021 Real Weddings Study, we’re anticipating a full season of events resembling pre-pandemic times. In fact, 98% of couples who are planning 2022 weddings are confident that their event will take place on the day it’s currently scheduled.

The number-one reason why getting married in 2022 is going to be amazing? After nearly two years of limited celebrations, family members and friends are actually really excited to party with you. In 2021, 50% of guests said they loved attending weddings—a significant increase from just 39% in 2019. And 68% of guests said they’re willing to spend more money on attending weddings, particularly on the gift (going from an average of $120 in 20219 to $160 in 2021), so that’s a big bonus for you and your future spouse!

Give your guests good reason to be thrilled to attend your big day by showing them a good time. Focus your attention on adding guest-centered touches big and small. Examples include offering an open bar (79% of couples had one in 2021) and accommodating those with dietary restrictions or allergies (60% of couples did this). One in four couples host postwedding events like an after party or a morning-after brunch, which allow the festivities to continue.

Another important priority? Prioritizing your guests’ health and safety. While COVID rates are decreasing throughout the U.S., 81% of couples are implementing health and safety measures for their wedding, including 30% including COVID vaccine requirements and 16% asking guests to test before attending their big day, plus many offering hand sanitizer and masks. Yes, these measures add extra time and expense to your wedding-planning timeline and budget, but it’s all worth it in the name of guests’ safety and comfort.


Source: The Knot