A guest book is a wedding staple and a great way to remember your day and the loved ones who were present while you celebrated. Many brides are choosing to up the game for their guest book instead of using a traditional version.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect guest book alternative:

Think About Your Theme

If you’re having a hard time deciding on a unique alternative to a traditional guest book, take a look at your chosen wedding theme or aesthetic. If there are certain motifs you’re already working into your wedding decor, there’s a good chance that there’s an on-theme item you could use for a guest book alternative.

Have Good-Quality Pens on Hand

Good pens or markers are a must. Since attendees won’t be writing on paper, you’ll need to be especially cognizant of the surface they’re writing on and what instruments will be required to ensure their names are legible. Felt-tip markers and paint pens are a good idea if you’re working with a rough surface like wood or something enamel where ink from a ballpoint pen would smear.

Balance Creative and Practicality

Some ideas might seem like they’d make for a cool activity or photo op, but keep practicality in mind, especially when it comes to ideas you hope to DIY. How hard will it be for guests to write on the item you’re thinking about using as a wedding guest book alternative? Furthermore, is the item something you will want to keep and display as home decor?

Keep Prewedding Events in Mind

Many prewedding events, such as a wedding or bridal shower or even a rehearsal dinner, will sometimes have a guest book too. These unique ideas would fit in at a wedding or bridal shower just as well as they would at a wedding reception.

If you’re looking for ideas for a fun guest book alternative, check out these 24 inspirations!


Source: The Knot