The road ahead seems promising for the return to live events. Friends and family are already gathering for casual meet-ups, and smaller-scale events are popping up everywhere, signaling that our industry might be ready to make a slow return to its former state – and even achieve higher heights, given that the lessons learned don’t go to waste.

And while many planners and attendees alike are more than ready to return to live events in full swing, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, we must be cautious above all else. As easy as it is to get swept up in the joy of it all, managing attendee expectations is crucial to ensure a smooth transition back into live experiences.

Priming attendees for what these events might look like is the first step towards success. Make sure you have the right protocols in place and that everyone is well informed about them prior to the events – what can they expect when entering the venue? What is required from attendees? What is provided by you or the venue?

Additionally, keep in mind the design of the event itself. As we mentioned above, an event that used to take place at an enormous convention center with thousands of attendees will probably look a bit different in 2021. The best way to ease back into the former molds of an event is to go slow and steady. Start with smaller-scale experiences that promote social distancing so you can easily control the flow of people coming in and out. Talk to your venue and understand how the seating and layout can be rearranged in order to make sure everyone complies with safety protocols.

We are here to make sure your event is a success and all attendees stay safe. Contact us today to get started!

Source: Endless Events By  | May 28, 2021